A Requirement for youth start-ups 


Predominantly, Uganda has a youthful population that has potential to drive the agenda through advancing ideas of our time. This youth dividend must be tapped into, carefully offering them leadership, motivation and inspiration. And this can be made more practical through platforms such as the Stratfor idea of “Lightening Talks”.


This is a structured dialogue that brings skilled leaders closer to emerging youthful start-up kings and queens to shape their tomorrow, stimulate debate and to initiate meaningful mentorship towards building stronger self-esteem and belief in ideas that if well harnessed can contribute to fostering climate change and environmental rights protection in Uganda.


These lightening talks will be held quarterly in a networking setting that provides an opportunity for a thought leader to share his/her experiences and then a Q&A session. Thereafter a networking session to enable more interactions on a bilateral nature. 


We are equally looking forward to these sessions inspired by our strategic Advisor on leadership Andrew Muhwezi who shares this insightful quote from Alfred Tolle on conscious leadership: “…is about the ability to transform the challenges of our times into opportunities for all beings; for life. Thus, conscious leadership combines compassion with a deep business knowledge, systemic thinking and the awareness of our interdependence, not only across sectors, but at an individual level both physically and mentally.”


You’re welcome to our forthcoming Lightning Talks. 

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