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Uganda’s forest cover now barely reaches 8 percent, a rapid and steady decline from the 24 percent of the 1990s. Illicit logging is one of the main causes of this widespread deforestation. Communities living around plundered forests are often forcibly displaced as a consequence of deforestation, as they struggle to continue farming in the face of deadly landslides. Uganda has government bodies and agencies that are mandated to ensure environmental protection but over the last years we continue to see vast giveaway of gazetted forests and wetlands that are critical climate safety nets under their watch and sometimes with their express approval. Parliament of Uganda has offered leadership in ensuring that there is legislation to advance environmental protection however still falls short of passing the much-needed climate change bill. In conversations with many Environment protection stakeholders and grassroot Human Rights Defenders, it became apparent that we needed to occupy this gap and scale up thoughts processes around policy influence and pro-active thinking towards sustained Environmental protection action. Communities are often left out of this often-important conversation. We therefore formalised the idea into an institution that can place a stronghold on environmental protection and leave its footprints for the future generation.

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  • Advocate for improve public health, ecological restoration and enhance food security for better quality of life for women and girls.
  • Innovate, promote and implement safe waste management projects in target communities through ecological sanitation interventions and scaling up latrine and toilet cover.
  • Promote mainstreaming of climate disruptive technologies among farmers in Uganda.
  • To establish a climate change investment fund for innovative high-impact climate mitigation and sustainability-focused investment projects.
  • Promote the use of clean and climate-friendly sources of energy for cooking and lighting in partner communities.
  • Building the capacity and defending environmental human rights defenders to grow a new and young generation of environment champions.
  • To advocate for better laws and policies for the environment and monitor compliance.
    Enhancing climate resilience through planning, testing and piloting ecosystem-based adaptation solutions.


Pike Kwizera
Ag. Director

Kwizera Pike is a mechanical engineering designer specializing in machine design with great technical know-how in Product design and development in utilizing locally available materials. . He has developed great rapid prototyping techniques at Hya Bioplastics, a start-up that manufactures eco-friendly packaging for single-use from plant fiber. He has worked with Motiv Uganda, a leading maker space with a vast array of youthful entrepreneurs and innovators addressing some of the country's most crucial needs along avenues like micro-factory construction for rural communities to facilitate value addition to locally available raw materials. 

Laban Joshua Musinguzi
Grants Associate

Musinguzi Laban Joshua,  Founder of Agro Fresh UG. And a member of Youth SDGs coalition in Uganda. He is passionate about empowerment of youth for a better community. He has been in advocacy for over 5 years now and has a dream of changing Uganda and the world into a happier place under a sustainable environment. He has previously worked with Smart Life Experiences. He has experience in grants and fundraising. He is our Fundraising Associate.

J.Robert Turyakira
Advocacy Associate

Turyakira J. Robert is a leading Environmental and Climate Activist in Uganda. He has been at the frontline of Climate activism in Uganda alongside other fellow Young people. He is currently a member of Youth Go Green.He is a member of the Climate Action Network which brings together CSOs and Individuals advocating for Climate Justice. His team successfully organised the Global Climate Strike in September 2019 to create awareness about Climate Change. Robert is involved in Environmental Litigation both in the East African Court of Justice and Ugandan Courts against the Bugoma Forest give away through the Environment Shield an NGO in Uganda.Robert is the Patron of the Turyakira Foundation 

Stephannie Nabuduwa
Communications Associate

Stephannie Nabuduwa is an acclaimed Ugandan feminist from Mbale district with a bachelor’s degree in biological science (biochemistry, zoology). Stephannie is a human rights enthusiast who writes essays, poetry and fiction when she is not the lab. As a winning essay writer on the human rights subject, she has had audience with the Norwegian embassy, Office of the United Nations Commissioner for Human Rights, Foundation for Human Rights Initiative and other human rights organizations to give insight into the youth perspective and youth education as regards the subject.Stephannie intends to use her writing to drive positive transformation towards gender and queer based equality in her community.

Peter Mwesigwa
Public Interest Litigation Lead Counsel

Peter Mwesigwa is a Partner at Behan & Okero Advocates, a Law Firm with Chambers in Nairobi and Kisumu, Kenya. The firm has maintained its presence in legal practice in areas of commercial law, civil and criminal litigation. It too has embraced and participated in various Public Interest Litigation matters amongst which was the Baby Pendo matter where a 6 months year-old baby was shot dead while being cradled by her mother in Kisumu, Kenya. The firm is currently engaged in a legal challenge against the County Government of Kisumu's imposition of Land Rates increment.

Peter Mwesigwa, Esq is the public interest Litigation Lead Counsel at Strategic Forecast lending his 10-year legal expertise to the benefit of communities whose only source of recourse is Public Interest Litigation. He is a Ugandan National and an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya and pending admission to the Uganda Bar.

Aloysius Akishure
Finance and Accounts Manager

Aloysius Akishure is a Finance and Accounting officer with over 15 years offering advice and practical services in accounting. He has led teams in his previous postings. He has served in Not for profits after a successful stint with multi-National and local entities. He has previously worked in Total Uganda, Kisha Communications, and Quickband International as a Finance consultant.

Aloysius is a graduate of Bachelor of Business Administration and holds certification in ACCA and a Diploma in business Taxation.


Anthony Masake
As a human rights defender, Masake has worked with environmental human rights defenders to combat illegal logging and illegal charcoal trade. At Chapter Four Uganda, Masake has excellently delivered over 100 tailor-made trainings and consultancies in legal aid, human rights, and legal compliance for individual human rights defenders and non-governmental organizations. Masake is also a blogger on political and environmental issues in Uganda. Some of his articles have been published on his personal blog, local dailies, and corporate magazines.
Edward Serucaca
Edward leads the advocacy and networking program at the National coalition of Human Rights Defenders Uganda which collaborates with other national institutions to promote legislation and policies that advance protection of Human Rights Defenders in Uganda He has previously served as the Convenor of the National Coalition of Human Rights Defenders while at Defend Defenders in 2013. He has various certification; Digital security for HRDs-Civil Rights Defenders Sweden, Monitoring Documentation and Reporting of Human Rights Violations-UN Human Rights Uganda, Security Management for Human Rights Defenders-ICJ South Africa.
William Leslie Amanzuru
A Ugandan human rights defender from Northern Uganda whose work focuses on environmental protection and climate justice. He is the founder of Friends of Zoka, an organisation aimed at stopping illegal logging in Zoka Forest. Amanzuru grew up around this forest, the only natural rainforest in Adjumani District, West Nile sub-region, which forms part of the East Moyo Wildlife Reserve. However, it is the smell of freshly cut timber that welcomes today’s visitors at the edge of the forest, where mounds of felled trees become part of a flourishing illegal trading network
Katia Mugenzi

Katia Mugenzi is a communication practitioner with experience of over 7 years offering communication solutions at the strategic level. Initially having worked with the New Vision paper and Urban TV,she currently works as head of communications and strategy at Agri-Business Centre-DFCUGROUP. She is the founder of Taasa foundation a grassroots-based not-for-profit outfit that extends support to the most marginalized and vulnerable disabled children in the areas of Kamuli. She has out of this charitable work received various recognition. In 2019,:she was recognized by the Uptown Group and Uganda Women’s Entrepreneur Association Limited) as a young woman impacting communities. She is an avid women, girls and disabled children’s rights activist and comes with a wealth of hands-0n experience working in those contexts

Immaculate Okello
Immaculate Okello is a lawyer, social entrepreneur and climate change activist. She is the founder and team leader at Generation Engage network. She represented Uganda at Vijjana Assembly 2018 at the East African youth parliament and was the speaker of the 2018 National youth moot in Uganda. She is currently contributing to the draft climate change bill in Uganda. She is a member of the youth coalition for the sustainable development goals in Uganda currently running the one million SDG solutions. She represented Uganda at the VNR report on SDGs at the 2020 UN High level political forum.


Andrew Muhwezi
Andrew brings to the practice a wealth of knowledge from 11 years of Growth leadership and Management experience in Financial services, Petroleum and Enterprise Development. Andrew is currently the Commercial and Projects Director at BrightLife, a FINCA PLUS social enterprise that pioneered in Uganda. He is responsible for Donor funded projects, Technological innovation, BrightLife’s sales and distribution network, and Marketing. Andrew studied Impact Investing at Harvard University in 2019, holds a Msc. Finance from the University Of Leicester (UK)
Richard Ncube
Environmental Policy and Law Advisor
Richard Ncube is a public interest and environmental justice lawyer from Zimbabwe. He graduated from the University of Zimbabwe with his LLB and was awarded a book price. He is Bertha Justice fellowship Alumni awarded for his social justice movement lawyering in Zimbabwe with Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association. Richard Ncube is currently studying his LLM at the University of Sussex under the prestigious scholarship. He is interested in environmental law, climate change, Business and Human Rights and International human rights.
Johnson Mayamba
Senior Media and Communications Advisor
A Ugandan human rights journalist with over ten years’ working experience. He is also a media trainer under Journalists for Human Rights, a continental body that builds capacity of journalists on human rights reporting. He is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication from Uganda Christian University, and also Master of Philosophy in Human Rights and Democratisation in Africa from the Centre for Human Rights, University of Pretoria. He has extensively reported on human rights in Uganda, which has won him several awards and recognitions.
Collison Lore
Climate Communications Advisor
Collison Lore is a Climate Communication expert with experience over 12 African countries. As Africa continues to suffer disproportionately from the ravages of climate change, he focuses on promoting key issues such as community involvement in climate communication.
Andrew Barungi
M&E, Environmental Rights Data Management

Andrew’s education and work have focused on delivering human and social development programs, such as the promotion of human rights. He has contributed to the body of knowledge of socio-economic development in African countries through applying his capabilities in research, advocacy, and mobilization for the benefit of marginalized groups and to improve the interaction between the Ugandan Government, Development Partners, and Civil Society.