"Promoting Green Initiatives, defending Environmental human right defenders"


Research & Advocacy

We advocate for better laws and policies for the environment, hold government, business and perpetrators of environmental degradation accountable, and advocate for protection of the environment.

Partnerships & Mobilization

We work with local communities, activists, human rights defenders to defend the environment and defenders. We work together to make sure local challenges become a concern at the national level.

Green Initiatives

We support and implement innovative high-impact climate mitigation and sustainable initiatives. Stratfor Uganda also invests in the mainstreaming of climate disruptive technologies among farmers in Uganda.


Every day, the environment continues to come under more stress from a range of human activities. The sharp population pressure, criminal activities of loggers and cartels are just a part of the triggers. Individuals who try to stand up to defend the environment often face attacks and reprisals for their noble work. The attack on the environment has triggered effects associated with consequences of climate change such as land degradation, increased food security, a slump on lake and river water levels, biodiversity loss, reduction of grazing land, poor crop yields, high temperatures, increased epidemics and increased food security. Climate change is affecting wetlands and forest ecosystems which are critical for communities.

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Climate Change Litigation

2021 and beyond: Why climate change litigation is important in Africa!

  2021 and Beyond: Why Climate Change litigation is important in Africa! Over the past few years, there has been an exponential increased interest in climate change litigation globally. This comes as no surprise as climate change is arguably one of the major contemporary problems that the world has to deal with. This is particularly […]


Start Up

Lightning Talks

A Requirement for youth start-ups    Predominantly, Uganda has a youthful population that has potential to drive the agenda through advancing ideas of our time. This youth dividend must be tapped into, carefully offering them leadership, motivation and inspiration. And this can be made more practical through platforms such as the Stratfor idea of “Lightening […]


Climate change

Climate change and environmental rights in the next decade

Climate Change and Environmental Rights in the next decade   Background Climate change is the principal, most pervasive risk to the natural environment and human communities the world has ever faced. In the increasingly highly integrated Eastern Africa region, climate change, which is a key driver of environmental threats requires active responses that encourage peace, […]